RE_USE, RE_FILL, RE_TURN: Our pouch returns

RE_USE, RE_FILL, RE_TURN: Our pouch returns
We believe today’s brands have to be accountable for where their waste ends up

That's why we've designed a returns process that is hassle free for customers and works hard to avoid any more plastic bottles ending up in landfill.

Free Returns

Once used, our refill pouches can be dropped straight into a postbox. We've pre-printed the pouches with a returns label so you don't need to worry about a stamp or envelope. They are sent direct to our recycling partner to be completely recycled and repurposed.

Back of a Reia refill pouch showing product information and a returns label
100% recycled and repurposed

Our recycling partner, Enval, uses an innovative process known as pyrolysis to convert the pouches back into their basic elements; raw aluminium and a plastic oil, which can then be repurposed into new products.

Convenience is key

We designed our process to be as simple as possible to close the loop on your bathroom recycling. 

Join us on our mission to remove single-use plastic from the bathroom. 
Reia refill pouch in a letterbox friendly box



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