About Reia


Where are your products made?

Our formulations are created, tested and produced by a team of natural formulations experts based in Dorset, on the southwest coast of England. We partner with them due to their specialism in natural ingredients derived from sustainable sources and wealth of experience in this field.


Do you source your products sustainably?

Yes.  We adopt a low waste model across every aspect of our business, prioritising low carbon emissions and removing excess in every packaging choice.  Wherever possible, products are UK sourced.


Using Reia


Can I reuse my forever bottle?

Yes!  Your forever bottle has been designed to remain on your shelf for the long term.  You can reuse it as many times as you like. We recommend that you rinse the bottle with warm water between each refill. 


What do I do with my used pouches?

Wash them out with warm water and leave to dry.  Then, put the cap back on and pop straight into your nearest postbox.  


Do I have to pay for returns?

No - returns are part of the Reia service. Our pouches are printed with a Freepost returns label, so they go straight to our recycling partner, Enval, without needing an envelope or stamp.   




Our products have been carefully curated to ensure minimal packaging waste, or to be packaged in a material which has much higher recycling rates than single use plastic, namely glass, aluminium and card. 

Why glass?

Glass is sustainable from its origin to its demise. As a resource efficient material, glass is composed of abundant natural raw materials, such as sand, meaning that creating glass does not disturb our natural environment.  

One of the biggest factors to the sustainability of glass is its infinite recyclable potential. Glass is 100% recyclable and does not experience any loss of quality through the process. This means that most glass packaging should never wind up in a landfill. It can be repurposed over and over again without compromising the integrity of the new product.


Why the pouch?

Our pouches use 60% less plastic than a standard plastic bottle. 

They are made from an aluminium and plastic blend, making them lightweight and compact so that they take up less space when being transported. More products can move on fewer vehicles, lowering overall emissions. Our specialist recycling partner converts the empty pouches back into the basic elements; raw aluminium and a plastic oil, which are then repurposed into new products.

We also use pouches as this allows us to deliver refills directly through your letterbox, for added convenience in your experience. 


Does your packaging contain plastic?

Our pouches are made from an aluminium and plastic laminate.  They use 60% less plastic than a plastic bottle and once returned to our recycling partner, they are converted back into the raw aluminium and a plastic oil that can be repurposed into new products. 

There is a small amount of plastic in our pump

Is your packaging single use plastic? 

No. Our refill pouches do contain a plastic as part of an aluminium and plastic blend but once returned to our recycling partner, they are converted back into the raw aluminium and a plastic oil to be repurposed into new products. 

Formulations and ingredients

Are Reia products suitable for sensitive skin?

All Reia products are allergen-free.   We designed Reia products so that they can be used by everybody, including those with sensitive skin. 

Are your products vegan?

Yes.  We do not use any ingredients derived from animal sources.

 Are your products cruelty-free?

Yes.  Reia stands against animal testing.  We will never test our products on animals, nor sell in markets where animal testing is a regulatory requirement. 

Do your products contain any allergens? 

No. Reia products are allergen free.


Managing your subscription

How do I update my address?

First, create an Account in Shopify.  Next, click 'Manage subscriptions', then follow the below steps:

  1. Access the Shipping addresses tab. 
  2. Click on the shipping address you want to edit, add the updated information, and click Update shipping address
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