From our community: Reflection & Intention

From our community: Reflection & Intention

We asked our Instagram community to share any rituals or practices they use for reflection and intention setting. Below are out top five favourites that we wanted to share: 

Waking Up App

Combining meditation and mindfulness techniques with practical wisdom, Waking Up is a guide to unlocking the mind and learning how to meditate.

Illustration of a head and lightbulb

A Morning Walk 

This was referenced a lot. For inspiration and thoughts, you can read Libby Delana’s wondering book ‘WALK’. You can also connect to a wider community or morning walkers via #THISMORNINGWALK

Daily Gratitude Journal 

A beautiful journal and clutter-free canvas for reflecting on the positive aspects of your life.

The Bothy Project 

Bothy Project is a unique and independent charitable organisation operating in a set of rural contexts, providing creative residences in bespoke small-scale, off-grid creative residency spaces to explore creativity, landscape and living simply.


The Positive Planner

Where wellness meets stationery - the Positive Planner is a gentle daily companion that helps you get more organised while most importantly improving your mental health and wellbeing. A great starting point for someone looking to make self-care a regular practice. 

Man holding a positive planner book

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