An interview with Charlotte Trounce

An interview with Charlotte Trounce

In the first of a series of artist collaborations, we've worked with artist and illustrator Charlotte Trounce on a Limited Edition Gift Set. The focus of the collaboration is on the theme of reflection and intention, this year and next. We sat down with Charlotte to discuss our collaboration and what self-care means to her. 


What can you tell us about your process?

I take lots of photos and sometimes make quick sketches when out in nature - local weekend walks or away travelling. I’ll look back at this imagery, sometimes months later, when I’m looking for references to help inspire an image. I often make several digital sketches first before committing to a design and colour palette and then will work it up in either paint or oil pastels. Colour has always been incredibly important.

Artist desk with her work

What inspires you?

In the past I was much more drawn to illustrating people and busier scenes of city life (still show up in my work sometimes) but in the past few years I’ve been hugely inspired by the natural landscape and its quietness. Trees feature heavily in my work, I don’t seem to ever tire of them. The seasons changing always inspires a new series of drawings or even a new way of working - I’m able to see something in a new light.

Artist Charlotte Trounce on a woodland path

How did you explore the idea of reflection and intention?

Taking walks in nature is always a great time to reflect - the quietness allows you the opportunity to think. I wanted to explore this idea in my artwork for Reia. A woodland path takes you through winter and into Spring - a glimpse of brighter/lighter things to come and a time to set your intentions for the year ahead.



Why are ritual and self-care important to you?

For me, self-care means finding moments of calm and quiet (which is much harder now I have a young child). It could mean an hour in bed reading by myself before sleep, or a walk in nature with my family. Self-care is taking a moment to concentrate on myself.


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