Removing single use plastic from the bathroom

We believe that the reliance on single use plastic in the personal care industry needs to come to an end. We've created a refill subscription service, providing an easy way to close the loop on bathroom recycling.

Reia products are scientifically formulated with care for both people and planet in mind. We consider our environmental impact at every stage of our product life cycle. Our goal is to elevate the personal care industry by minimising its impact on our environment, but we understand that there is still a long way to go before it is fully sustainable. We’ll always be honest with you about the improvements we intend to make. 


In the UK, only 50% of bathroom waste is recycled (in comparison to 90% of other household waste). More concerningly, only 9% of the waste sent for recycling is recycled domestically. The recycling industry consistently fails to be transparent about the life cycle of our household waste.

We designed Reia packaging to give you the ability to confidently close the loop on your bathroom recycling. We adopt a low waste model across every aspect of our business, prioritising low carbon emissions and removing excess in every packaging choice.



Our forever bottles are made from glass. They are built to last, but can be infinitely recycled at the end of their lifetime without any loss of quality.


Our refill pouches use 60% less plastic than a standard plastic bottle. 

Made from an aluminium and plastic blend, they are lightweight and compact so they take up less space when transported. This means that more pouches can move on fewer vehicles, lowering overall emissions.

Once used, our recycling partner uses an innovative process known as pyrolysis to convert the pouches back into their basic elements; raw aluminium and a plastic oil, which can then be repurposed into new products.


Reia products are formulated with scientifically validated, high quality and skin-friendly ingredients. We keep our formulations simple and only include ingredients if they directly benefit the skin or support the integrity of our formulations.

You’ll never find these in our products: Sulphates (SLS & SLES), Non-sustainable palm oil, Parabens, Harsh detergents, Artificial colours, Harsh petrochemicals, Silicones or Allergenic essential oils.


Reia is a cruelty-free company and stands against animal testing. We will never test our products or ingredients on animals or use ingredients derived from animal sources.

Animal testing for cosmetics ingredients was made illegal in the European Union in 2009. We commit to not exporting our products to China or other countries where animal testing is required by law.

98.6% Natural

Our products are not 100% natural, and nor do we want them to be. 98.6% of our formulations are naturally derived. The remaining 1.4% is our allergen-free synthetic fragrance blend. We do use some essential oils, but only those without allergens making our formulations suitable for sensitive skin.


Our formulas are created, tested and produced by a team of natural formulations experts based in Dorset, on the southwest coast of England. We partner with them due to their specialism in natural ingredients derived from sustainable sources and wealth of experience in this field.


All of our formulations are made with ingredients that are compatible with all skin types and the environment. They are allergen free and made to be used by everyone.